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Alhaurin & Coin Villas Direct from the owner:

10% will be paid at the time of formalizing the reservation.

90% will be paid ONE MONTH before entry.

Copies of passports / national ID must be provided in compliance with the laws in place in Spain.

Security Deposit: Variable depending on the property, number of people and period of stay.


In the event of non-payment of any of the prepayments established on each date, the reservation will be automatically cancelled, leaving the accommodation available to be reserved by another client.

In case of cancellation of the reservation by the client, it is established that the client will not be entitled to a refund of the prepayments made up to the date of cancellation.

In the case of not showing up on the day of entry (no show) the client must pay 100% of the reservation.

The client will not be entitled to a REFUND of the amounts paid if they voluntarily withdraw from the services before the end of their stay.

In the event that, due to unforeseen reasons and not attributable to the requested villa, the accommodation cannot be occupied, we, the owners will try to offer You, the client another accommodation with similar characteristics. If the client does not accept the alternative accommodation, they would be entitled to a full refund of any amount previously paid as a reservation confirmation.


The reservation formalizes the rental agreement of the advertised property directly between the YOU, the client and the homeowner. The homeowner being solely responsible for keeping the home in perfect condition to be inhabited, and in accordance with the description and photographs that appear on our website.

Photographs: The homes may suffer small aesthetic or decoration changes (never functional) that have not been updated in the photographs of the advertisement.

Security deposit: The deposit will be managed directly with the owner. Making or not making a withholding on it is an exclusive decision of the owner.

Cleaning: The final cleaning is included in the total amount of the reservation, but our clients must know that the house must be returned in the same state in which they found it on arrival. In the event that the property is not delivered under these conditions, the client must pay a penalty of €100.00 for extra cleaning.

Rubbish: Rubbish should be deposited daily in the containers destined for this purpose in the area where the house is located.(Community Bins near the properties) If the clients do not comply with this rule, and upon exiting the property, rubbish is left not deposited in these containers, a penalty of €50.00 will be applied for the removal of said rubbish.

Parties: The celebration of parties or events is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule will be grounds for expulsion from the home without the right to compensation, as well as the charge of a penalty of €500.00. NOTE Only those people listed on the rental agreement are permitted in the property

Occupants: No more people may enter the villa than those indicated in the reservation, except in the case of having obtained express authorization from the owner or the agency. In the event that a higher occupancy than that indicated by the client is detected when formalizing the reservation (without having obtained prior and express authorization from the owner), it will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the home for breach of contract without the right to any compensation. As a penalty, the payment of €50.00 per person per night is established.*this is applicable to day and night with no exception

Rules of conduct: the client agrees to respect and comply with the rules of the community of the building where the home is located, as well as the logical rules of respect and good neighbourliness, not carrying out activities or noises that could be annoying to neighbors, especially from 22:00 to 08:00. Failure to comply with these rules would be grounds for expulsion from the home without the right to any compensation and the payment of a penalty of €200.00. Plus any criminal liability handed out by local law enforcement

Smoking: It is totally forbidden to smoke inside the property. In case of breaching this rule the client must pay a penalty of €200.00 for the deodorizing of the home.

Pets: Pets are not allowed without the prior express authorization in writing by the agency or the homeowner. In case of not complying with this rule, the client must pay a penalty of €200.00 for extra cleaning.

Consumption of electricity and water supplies: Electricity and water consumption are included in the amount of the reservation, but if abusive consumption is detected, the owner reserves the right to withhold the amount of the deposit for excess consumption. Example – Leaving the air conditioning on all day and night even when the client is not in the property.

Pool and garden maintenance: The owner, and the person or persons designated by them, will access the property where the house is located on a regular basis to carry out maintenance and cleaning of the garden or pool.

Possible restrictions: In the event of possible restrictions on water or electricity supplies, as long as they are decreed by the competent authorities and are mandatory, neither the intermediary platform nor the owner of the accommodation will be responsible for how these may affect the client stay.

Conditions of the property: The client states with his signature in this document that he receives the home and its belongings in perfect condition of cleanliness, use and conservation, and in accordance with the information published in the advertisement.

Swimming Pool: Please be respectful when using the swimming pool and shower off any lotions before entering the water.

Valuable items: It is the responsibility of the client to guard at all times cash or valuable items that they may bring with them. Neither the owner of the accommodation, the home insurer, can be held responsible for these in case of loss or theft during the stay in the home.

Insurance: The client is responsible for taking out travel insurance to cover him/her for any contingency during his/her trip. Neither the intermediary platform nor the owner of the accommodation will be responsible for unforeseen circumstances beyond their responsibility.

Home alarm system: The home may have a security alarm connected to an authorized alarm receiving centre. Image recording will only occur in case that the alarm is activated. These images are only accessible by the authorized personnel of the alarm monitoring company, or, where appropriate, police officers. The recordings will have a maximum duration of 60 seconds. In the event that the house has an alarm system, the information about it is posted at a visible place in the home.

Access to the home by the owner: With prior notice to the client, the owner may access the interior of the home whenever he deems it appropriate, in order to verify compliance with the agreed standards.

Photographs and/or recording of images: Taking photographs and/or recording of images for commercial purposes during the stay in the accommodation is expressly prohibited. For this purpose, the client must expressly obtain prior written authorization from the property owner. Note: The Property Owner holds all the image rights to each property.

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